Save time by automatically linking text in Gmail

published on 10 May 2023

Have you ever found yourself repeatedly adding the same links to your emails over and over again? It can be quite cumbersome to do so and time-consuming, especially if you're sending a lot of emails. This is exactly what inspired the creation of SpeedyG - a product that makes it easier to add links that you often use in email.


To build this feature, we needed to incorporate the following capabilities:

Saving links

One of the key features of SpeedyG is the ability to save links to a library. But how do you add links to the library? We've made it easy with three different ways:

  1. Manually add links to the library by typing them in.
  2. Add a link to an email draft and click on it to save it to the library.
  3. Set SpeedyG to automatically save any links that you add to an email draft.

Using links

Now that you have a library of links, it's time to use them. We've made it easier to add links to text in an email by adding some flexibility around this part of the feature:

  1. Set a link to automatically link text that matches text in the library.
  2. Set a link to simply prompt you to link text in an email draft that matches text in the library.

We're extremely excited to help you save time with this new capability. If you have any feedback on the feature, please don't hesitate to email us at

In conclusion, SpeedyG helps you streamline the process of adding links to your emails. With the ability to save links to a library and use them easily in your emails, you'll be able to send emails more efficiently than ever before. Try it out today and let us know what you think!

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